HTML Anchors: Here’s How To Create Links For Fast Navigation

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The anchor element is used to create hyperlinks between a source anchor and a destination anchor. The source is the text, image, or button that links to another resource and the destination is the resource that the source anchor links to.

Hyperlinks are one of the fundamental technologies that make the web the information superhighway, and understanding how to use anchor elements is one of the first things you need to master when learning HTML.

  • 4 Other Useful Anchor Attributes
  • 4.1 Specify the Language of the Anchor Destination: hreflang
  • 4.2 Specify the Relationship Between Source and Destination: rel
  • 4.3 Specify the Internet Media Type: type
  • 5 A Web of Links
  • 6 Related Elements
  • 7 Tutorials and Resources