How to Create Responsive Menus with CSS

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Navigation menus occupy a prominent visual space on most websites. As a result, nav elements tend to attract some of the most creative CSS and JavaScript techniques to achieve smooth transitions and beautiful transformations. However, good navigation is about a lot more than creating beautiful visual elements. Website navigation menus affect how search engines rank the pages of your website and how visitors move from one page of your site to another. A lot hinges on getting your website navigation right.

  • 3 Creating Sticky Navigation
  • 4 Making Your Nav Responsive
  • 5 Working with Multi-Level Navigational Menus
  • 5.1 Adding Drop-Down Links to a Horizontal Navbar
  • 5.2 Adding Drop-Down Links to a Vertical Navbar
  • 5.3 Extra Credit
  • 6 Creating Great Navigation Menus