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Every Way Possible To Embed Modern Media With HTML Code

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When the web was born, it was a plain text environment consisting primarily of paragraphs, lists, and hyperlinks. Around 1993, the first graphical web browsers came on the market and visual elements such as pictures and graphics took center stage. The addition of audio and video content followed quickly on the heels of images. However, because support for these types of media was not built into to the HTML specification, browser plugins were used to power media playback.

  • 2 Embedding Externally Hosted Media
  • 2.1 Using <iframe> to Embed Media
  • 2.2 When to Use <iframe> vs. HTML5 <video> or <audio>
  • 3 The Past: Plug-In Powered Media Playback
  • 3.1 <object> vs <embed>
  • 3.2 Adding a Flash File with object
  • 4 Closing Thoughts
  • 5 Related Elements
  • 6 Tutorials and Resources