What On Earth Is Semantic Markup? (And Why Should You Learn To Write It)

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As you learn about HTML and the Web you may find that you encounter one specific word repeatedly that is often left undefined. That word is semantic.

You may read statements such as “we went looking for a semantic element” or “We try and be as semantic as we can”, yet never get a clear picture of what the word semantic means.

In this article, we’ll explore the world of semantic markup, come up with a working definition of the term, and apply the concept to the way we write HTML markup.

  • 2 Why is Semantic Markup Important?
  • 3 How Do We Write Semantic Markup?
  • 3.1 Document Structure
  • 3.2 Textual Meaning
  • 3.3 Media Type
  • 3.4 Correlation Tags
  • 4 Closing Thoughts
  • 5 Related Elements